Adventures, life skills & friendships you’ll never forget.

The Society for Inclusion and Participation Global (SiP) combines adventure, empowerment and education to give individuals with physical disabilities the knowledge, confidence and community to overcome obstacles and live happy, healthy, independent lives.


Spend a week outdoors and learn how to enjoy kayaking & camping with new skills.


Challenge yourself to do something you never thought you’d be able to do.


Spend time with people who understand living with physical disability.


Learn to manage medical concerns, work within a team to overcome life’s obstacles.

When adventure, learning and empowerment collide, potential is realized and lives are changed.

A physical disability can forever alter the course of a person’s life. And while it may sometimes feel like it, if often doesn’t mean life has come to an end—it has just been presented with a roadblock. But like with any obstacle, with time and education, it’s something that can be overcome.

The Society for Inclusion and Participation (SiP) is a heart and body healing organization that gives people with physical disabilities the knowledge, empowerment and community to overcome these obstacles and live happy, healthy, independent lives.

Participants—ages 13 and up—will experience a 5.5 day kayak and life skills camp like no other. They will complete the week having conquered fears both on and off the water, as well as learned some of the simple but critical self-care techniques that will enable them to live active and full lives.

NEWS: A successful collaboration with Paddler Co-op in Palmer Rapids.

The Paddler Co-op in Palmer Rapids, Ontario, Canada recently reached out to SiP and Dave Calver to consult on how to make their facility more accessible to people witlh disabilities as well as run the SiP paddling program.

This collaboration was beautifully captured and shared by Ontario Highlands Tourism Organization.

NEWS: Dave and TacoSusio get featured in Vancity Van Life

Our founder Dave lives a pretty extraordinary life and all of it is on the road. From going to remote locations in British Columbia to provide occupational therapy to others with spinal cord injuries to travelling all over North America for SiP, Dave literally spends his entire life on the road, going where he is needed.

Dave decided to create a vehicle he could live in full time, as well as accommodate the  SiP Global Adventures programs needs—to be the home base (and kitchen and meeting area and storage) for the weeklong outdoor programs.

And he does it in style with is 2012 Tacoma, affectionately known as TacoSusio, or the SiP Mobile. Dave and his amazing story was captured by Vancity Van Life.

Get a sneak peak into the magic of Dave’s #vanlife.

NEWS: SiP and Dave get featured the magazine Paddling Trip Guide.

Dave is featured in Paddling Trip Guide’s 20 River Heroes article on twenty athletes, activists, artists and innovators who are making the paddling community a better and more accessible place for everybody.

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