The SiP Mobile

Empowerment, education and adventure on four wheels.

The SiP Mobile is the around-the-world adventure rig/mobile classroom that brings Dave and the kayaking programs across Canada, the United States and beyond. This vehicle has seen some amazing places and great people. It has driven it down to Central America and back a couple of times and has its own stories to tell.

Building the SiP Mobile

It started as your run of the mill Toyota Tacoma. However, changes were needed to create a vehicle that could transport SiP to each new adventure. It had to be outfitted so one could live and work out of in all weather and for long periods. It also needed to function as base camp—the kitchen and the education center of programs.

The SiPMobile still has many parts yet to finish, the pop-top and upstairs bed, the electrical system, the water and filtration system., the indoor/ outdoor kitchen and the education center. Some of those will have to happen on the road to adventures.

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